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Officers Mess Discount Club

Save up to 15% on all purchases*

How it works:

Pay £5 per month on Direct Debit/ Paypal Subscription etc…

Purchase 12 months in advance for the cost of 10 months.

In return you receive the following benefits.

Months 1—3    You receive 5% Discount on all purchases* 
Months 4 –6    You receive 10% Discount on all purchases* 
Months 7+    Months 7+ You receive 15% Discount on all purchases* 


Each month there will be an exclusive ‘Members Only’ offer.

*Exclusions apply 


Exclusive 'Members Only' Deal 

100% Wool 'Fair Trade' Fingerless Goves

100% Wool Fair Trade Fingerless Gloves

Colours available: Charcoal, Grey and Green

Claim Your offer

 (Click the link and submit your request with your unique membership number)

Exclusions from club discount—All full leather hides and cloth meterage purchases. Cannot be used in combination with vouchers or other offers.



Prices in Red are vat inclusive.
All other prices are excuding vat which is
added on at the final check out.








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