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Bow Fibula Crossbow Fibula    
Bow Fibula Crossbow Fibula    
50mm long approx approx 48mm x 35mm    
18.00 18.00    
Penannular Ring Brooch Bronze Penannular Ring Brooch Viking Cloak Pin
Bronze (70mm)
Viking Cloak Pin
Brass (120mm)
Penannular Ring Brooch Bronze Penanular Ring Brooch Bronze Viking Cloak Pin Viking Osberg Cloak Pin
65mm Internal Dia 23mm Internal Dia    
8.50 12.00 16.00 18.00
Viking Cloak Clasp
Borre Style
(Silver Plated or Brass)
Viking Cloak Clasp Brass Viking Cloak Clasp
Urnes Style
(Silver Plated or Brass)
Raven Clasp
Viking Cloak Clasp, Borre Style Viking Cloak Clasp Brass Urnes Style Cloak Clasp Raven Cloak Clasp
56mm x 15mm
18.00 18.00 18.00 15.00
Viking Firedrak Brooch, Bronze Viking Brooch - Midgard Viking Brooch Knot Bronze Trefoil Ornament
Viking Firedrake Brooch Bronze Viking Brooch Midgard Pattern Bronze Viking Brooch Knotwork Pattern Bronze Trefoil Viking Claok Ornament
50mm dia 38mm Dia 35mm Dia  
22.00 18.00 18.00 18.00
Viking Brooch, Bronze
Borre Style
Viking Disc Brooch
Borre Style
(Silver Plated)
Pewter Disc Brooch Celtic Triskelion Brooch
Borre Style Bronze Brooch Viking Disc brooch Borre Style Pewter Viking Brooch Celtic Triskelion Brooch
18.00 22.00 12.00 22.00
Endless Knot Celtic Fibula      
Endless Knot Celtic Fibula      
Celtic Spiral Brooch, Bronze Saltvik Oval Brooch
Celtic Spiral Brooch, Bronze Saltvik Style Oval Brooch    
22.00 ea 36.00 ea    
Twisted Torc, Bronze 53g Celtic Onyx Necklace, Bronze Viking Bracelet, Bronze Viking Dragon Bracelet
Bronze Viking Twisted Torc Celtic Onyx Bronze Necklace Viking Bronze Bracelet Dragon Bracelet
34.00 32.00 25.00 25.00
Thors Hammer, Brass Thors Hammer Triquetra, Bronze Mjolnir Pendant Small, Bronze  
Thors Hammer, Brass Thors Hammer Triqetra, Bronze Mjolnir Pendant Bronze  
15.00 22.00 18.00  
Mjolnir Pendant Large, Bronze Thor Hammer Brass w/Ring Thors Hammer Celtic Bronze  
Mjolnir Pendant Large Bronze Thors Hammer w/Ring Thors Hammer Celtic Bronze  
15.00 15.00 16.00  
Wolfs Head Hammer Jelling Axe    
Wolfs Head Thors Hammer Jelling Axe    
28.00 14.00    
Scalloped Clasp Rectangular Clasp
Gentlemans Stock Buckle  
Scalloped Brass Neck Stock Clasp Napoleonic Brass Neck Clasp Gentlemans Stock Clasp  
16.00 16.00 12.00  
Lion Head Clasp Knot Clasp Rose & Chain Lion Head & Chain
Lion Head Clasp Knotwork Clasp Rose & Chain Cloak Clasp
Lion & Chain Cloak Clasp
8.00 8.00 18.00 18.00
Long Knot Clasp Pewter Steam Punk Clasp Pewter 'Filigree' Clasp Pewter 'Waves' Clasp
Celtic Knot Cloak Clasp Pewter Steam Punk Cloak Clasp Filigree Cloak Clasp
57mm x 18mm
Waves Cloak Clasp
48mm x 20mm
8.00 15.00 15.00 15.00
Chatelaine - Rose Chatelaine - Florence    
Chatelaine Rose Style Chatelaine Florentine    
55.00 55.00    
Winningas Clip (Pair)
2cm x 3.5cm
Winningas Clip (Pair)
1.5cm x 1.8cm
Birka Hook - Type A
1.8cm x 2.8cm
Birka Hook - Type B
2.0cm x 3.0cm
2cm x 3.5cm Winningas Clip
Available in Brass and Silver
15mm x 18mm Winningas Clips
Available in Brass and Silver
Coming Soon Birka Winningas Hook
13.00 12.00 15.00 15.00


Prices in Red are vat inclusive.
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